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How BlueDrone Works

In every aspect, BlueDrone is designed with ease-of-use and automation in mind. We're not just looking to save you money and hassle -- we're looking to save you time, and lots of it. Here are a few of the ways that our service can make your shipping operation more efficient.

Easy Integration With Popular Sales Channels

Whichever platform you use for ecommerce, you'll find it easy to integrate BlueDrone so that your orders can be processed and completed automatically.

Setup is a Snap

Our system is built to import your inventory quickly and easily. All we need is your API code, and we'll have all your products loaded into BlueDrone with SKUs assigned.

Sit Back and We'll Do the Rest

We use advanced, proprietary systems to monitor and track every component of your shipping operation, ensuring that everything is running smoothly and reliably.

Shipped by Drones.
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The Choice Is Yours

We work with every major postal carrier, offering the flexibility to ensure that you can find the best option to suit your particular needs.

Location, Location, Location

Based in the heart of the midwestern United States, we are able to ship to both coasts, as well as internationally into Canada and beyond, as quickly and inexpensively as possible.

Inventory Reinvented.

Massive warehouses for storage and an intuitive interface providing total control over your products.

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Real-Time Reserves

With orders coming through various sales channels, sometimes tracking your remaining movable inventory at a specific time can be challenging. But with BlueDrone, you’ll easily be able to see exactly what’s available at any moment.

View Your SKUs

Using in-depth SKU control, you can drill down to the most specific details within your product counts, identifying patterns to analyze precisely what is moving and what is not.

Lots of Love

Lot numbers enable you to track products on a higher level within our system, tracing materials and items back to their manufacturer to quickly pinpoint and address any issues. Compliance and organization are made simple through this intuitive structure.

All in One. One for All.

Your customers are everywhere. Bring them together in one central order management system.

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Single Order Repository For All Storefronts

Do you sell your products on multiple online storefronts? No problem. BlueDrone serves as a central, unified repository for all your orders. Now that's convenience.

Post-Transaction Management Services

We take care of everything after the sale, including managing consumer interactions and returns through our advanced customer service portal.

Managed or Do-It-Yourself Processing

Want full hands-on control of your shipping process? You can take the reigns through our user-friendly interface. Otherwise, step back and let us care of everything.

Product Labeling and Branding

Need an eye-catching logo and design for your bottle? Want to include inserts in your packaging that will delight recipients? We can help with fully customizable aesthetics.

Sales Placement and Sourcing

We are leaders in the online marketing space, and can help drive traffic and conversions for your products so that you'll have more volume for us to ship.

Regulatory Compliant Facilities and Features

Are there specific conditions that need to be met for the storage and transportation of your goods? You're in safe hands with our regulatory compliant facilities and operations.

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